Insulated conservatory roof

Conservatory Roof Insulation

February 19, 2018

How An Insulated Conservatory Roof Can Keep Your House Warm In The Winter


If your home has a conservatory, you may want to consider insulating its roof for the winter season. Many roofing companies in Chicago offer insulated roofing, but New Edge Improvement Co. has the expertise to walk you through the entire process.

A big problem with conservatories, especially older ones, is that they are usually made with glazed roof panels or polycarbonate. These styles offer fantastic visibility, but unfortunately, they are also terrible insulators. By changing the material of your roof or adding insulation, roofing contractors in Chicago can make your conservatory as warm as the rest of your home, even in winter!

Depending upon the roofing company, replacing the roof of your conservatory can get costly. Talk to New Edge roofing contractors in Chicago for the lowest rates and to hear about all the benefits you’ll get from a new, insulated conservatory roof. For one thing, improved insulation means lower energy expenditure. By keeping your conservatory warm, you won’t have to worry about those high winter energy bills anymore. Depending upon the type of roofing you get, you can also improve the look and durability of your conservatory, and even make it soundproof!

Insulated roof panels are a lightweight option which are easy to fit and install to any shape. Perfect for replacing old roofing, these panels can be inserted into existing roof frames without reinforcement. Tiled roofing included multiple layers of insulation and include natural sound-dampening properties. This will make your conservatory quiet and relaxing even during rain or snow storms. Solid roofing is a popular option, although it also decreases the amount of light you’ll get in your conservatory. It does, however, boast fantastic insulation properties, keeping your conservatory warm in all climates.