choosing the right roofing materials

How to choose the right color and roof coverage for your home?

June 21, 2018


Some tips about choosing the right color and the roof coverage for your home 

So you’ve been looking at roofing companies in Chicago to find the best deal around and you’re getting ready to re-do your entire roof. This is an exciting time, full of new possibilities and choices to navigate as you discover new options and looks for your home. We’ve talked with some leading roofing contractors in Chicago to put together your ultimate guide to choosing the best roof color and coverage, so let’s take a look.

  • Your Location– The first and arguably most important consideration when picking out your roof has to do with the climate of your local area. The color of your roof might seem a minor consideration, but, as any roofing companies in Chicago will tell you, shingle color can affect the temperature of your interior by up to 40 degrees! Obviously, this decision can significantly impact your heating and cooling costs, so you should choose accordingly. Light shingles are great choices for warm climates, since they deflect sunlight. On the other hand, most roofing contractors in Chicago would recommend dark shingles for cold areas, since it will melt snow and ice more quickly.

  • Your Style – The next consideration is primarily aesthetic. You’re going to want a roofing style which matches bricks, siding, and trim of your home. A basic understanding of color theory or some coordination with your roofing contractors in Chicago can go a long way towards achieving your desired look. Consider also the architectural style of your home, since dark colors will make your home look bigger and light colors will have the adverse effect.

  • Neighborhood Considerations – Be sure to take into account any relevant ordinances or homeowner’s association rules to make sure your new roofing is in compliance. Your roofing contractors in Chicago should be able to help you with this.