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Reasons to have roof installation completed before winter

November 17, 2017

Can a New Roof Replacement Be Done in the Winter? 

So you need a new roof installed. Great. There are a wide variety of factors to keep in mind when scheduling this service. Sometimes you have very little choice when to get a new roof installed, as it is an emergency. Sometimes, you have the leniency to plan it out. If so, when is the best time to have your roof installation complete? We would say you should have your roof installation completed before winter, when possible.

The roofing contractors Chicago homeowners recommend do roofing work year round. Roof installation and replacement can be performed during the winter. But there are several reasons to have your roof installed in the fall. For one, your roof will be protected from inclement winter weather. Additionally, you will have less of a chance of bad weather conditions slowing up the installation process. It is also safer for your roofing contractor! They are practiced on moving about on roofs—but Chicago winters can get icy!

During the winter, glues and adhesives can freeze, especially in the coldest parts of Chicago winters. This freezing can distort their chemical composition and lead to premature failure. When installing shingles, moisture can get caught beneath shingles, also causing problems to develop quicker than they should. Getting your roof installed prior to the worst of Chicago’s winter will prevent you from having to deal with improper installation, and you won’t have to worry about your roofing contractor slipping on ice.

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