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NEW EDGE Roofing Companies Chicago. is are full service roofing installation and replacement contractors in Chicago, IL. No job is too big or too small. Need a quick estimate to replace new roof? Contact NEW EDGE Roofing Companies Chicago! NEW EDGE are fully licensed, bonded and insured roofing contractors. We are family owned and operated and are proud of our roofing achievements and level of success. We know that the only measure great roofing replacement and repair craftmanship is the satisfaction of our customers. We are committed and determined to provide our customers with quality roofing work while promoting an honest and reliable service. Roofing license # 104.016511 Read more >


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NEW EDGE Roofing Companies & Contractors Chicago is proud to offer Chicago home owners roofing repair and public adjustment solution. Roofing companies you can trust are plentiful, but none of those roofing contractors can offer public adjusting service and roofing damage claim support. Affordability and reliability are top priorities. Inclement weather in Chicago can easily cause a need for roofing repair. Is your insurance company not going to cover for all the roofing repair or replacement claim? Click here to get our assistance.


We strictly cooperate with best public adjusters in Chicago

When hail strikes, it’s not uncommon for damage to occur to properties. Roofing and windows are often damaged by hail. At New Edge, we perform high quality hail and wind damage restoration. Our contractors are highly experienced in this sort of work. We have public adjusters on hand to help get the most benefit from your insurance company. For of the few roofing companies that Chicagoland homeowners know really care, contact New Edge!

Our experienced roofing contractors get the job done right!

At New Edge, we have years of experience with roofing installation, roofing repairs, roofing replacements, and re-roofing. Each service has its place in the roofing business, and we are highly experienced at each service. We love roofing, and we know that not everyone knows or understands what is needed for their roof. As such, we are happy to discuss our services with our clients: current or potential. We also offer estimates, both so you have an idea of the price and so we can be sure the service will be the best fit for your roof. For example, some roofs are great candidates for re-roofing, but some aren’t. If we provide a service, we want to ensure it will be done right.

Choose the leader amongst roofing companies in Chicago, IL


Our roofing contractors use only high quality materials.

New Edge hires extremely well trained and certified roofing contractors. Each member of our staff is highly experienced and has had years of work in which they’ve worked on jobs like yours. We use high quality materials for each roofing job. We offer these high quality materials and extremely affordable, competitive rates. This way, you can get a high quality roof replacement without breaking the bank. We even offer financing options for those who need them!

The most well-rounded roofing contractors in Chicago

At New Edge, our specialty is roofing, However, that is not our only skill. In addition to roofing services on a wide variety of commercial and residential roofing types, we also offer siding, gutters, window replacement, and porches. This way, when your home’s exterior needs some work, you only have to come to us instead of hiring several contractors. Our contractors will get your home or business’s exterior looking top notch in no time.

Having high expectations? Look no further than our reliable roofing contractors!


Roof Installation

We are experienced at roof installation on both new construction homes and existing homes needing a new roof. Our roofing contractors got years of experience in commercial and residential roof installation in Chicago and all nearby areas!

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Roof Replacement

When getting a roof replacement, everything is removed from your roof and the shingles and felt paper are replaced. This kind of job is meant for professional and reliable roofing contractors. Contact us for free estimate on roof replacement.

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A less expensive and quicker option than roof replacement, re-roofing involves installing new shingles on top of existing shingles. Not every roofing company in Chicago offers this service, but New Edge is a one stop for all of your roofing needs.

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Roof Repair

Weather, storm damage, and time can wear down your roof. There is no roof damage our roofing contractors can't repair! Additionally, our roofing cooperate with insurance claims adjusters, so if you get any hail, flood or fire damage, we will help you get an insurance!

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Rubber Roofing

Often found on commercial properties, rubber roofing is also an excellent choice for residential properties: durable, inexpensive, and easily...

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Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is an excellent roofing alternative: durable, lightweight, fire resistant, weather resistant, and easily installed.

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Flat Roofing

Like its names, a flat roof is flat, or horizontal. These are great options for commercial properties.

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Shingle Roofing

Often seen on residential properties, shingle roofing can consist of a wide variety of materials and colors.

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New Edge Roofing Companies Chicago, IL Roofing Services:


Shingle Roofing

Perhaps the most popular type of roofing, shingle roofing can be made from many materials. Popular shingle materials include: various wood types, slate or other stones, fiber cement, and asphalt.


Slate Roofing

Slate roofing is almost exclusively used in residential roofing. It is expensive but extremely long lasting and classy. A natural stone, slate comes in a surprisingly wide variety of colors.


Wood Shake Roofing

A specific type of wooden shingle, wood shakes are split from logs, while shingles are sawn from wood. A variety of woods can be used, cedar being the most popular.


Flat Roofing

Flat roofing is popular for commercial and residential buildings alike. Most often seen in multistory buildings, flat roofs are supported by the ceiling joists and covered with a waterproof membrane.


Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is lightweight and highly durable, making it an excellent choice for commercial properties. The most frequent metals used for metal roofing include: aluminum, steel, tin, zinc, and copper.


Rubber Roofing

EPDM and TPO are two types of rubber roofing often used on commercial properties, whether they have a sloped roof or a flat roof. They are cost effective and durable.


We always strive to provide only top class roofing & siding services. Through the years of hard working in roofing profession, we finished a lot of projects, leaving always satisfied customers. High quality of New Edge’s roofing replacement and roofing repair services have been appreciated by many people. The reviews of our roofing contractors you can read below:


18 Reviews - 4.9 Rating


11 Reviews - 4.5 Rating


3 Reviews - 5 Rating


1 Reviews - 5 Rating

Angie's List

26 Reviews - 4.8 Rating


13 Reviews - A+ Rating

About New Edge Roofing Company

New Edge are family owned trusted and reliable roofing contractors. Except roofing services, we provide also all others exterior remodeling services in Chicago and nearby suburbs. New Edge Roofing Companies is one of the best roofing contractors in Chicagoland for all of your needs.

  • Monika Kuznik

    Very happy with my new siding and windows! Greg was very patient and helpful! Very pleased with all the effort and time that was put in, to make sure I was happy as a homeowner. Thanks New Edge and Greg!

  • Jim Ryan

    I recently had the pleasure of using New Edge Improvement to add a new roof to our condo building. The experince was easy and informative with the help of Greg all our needs were taken care of. I would recommend using New Edge Improvement !

  • Pierre Droira

    Marcin and company did great work installing James Hardie siding, soffit & fascia, new tear off roof, and some new windows. Workmanship is excellent and attention to detail as well. Greatly improved the look and value of my home. Highly recommended New Edge.

Why Choose New Edge as your CHICAGO Roofing CONTRACTORS



Only work with officially licensed and certified roofing contractors! We have up to date paperwork proving our ability to do the work and our possession of insurance.



When roof damage occurs, it can lead to more serious damage if not addressed quickly. We always meet our deadlines. You want your house back to normal as soon as possible: so do we. Let us take care of your roof repairs, and we’ll make it in no time.



We know what can and can’t be claimed for insurance purposes. Our partnership with licensed public adjusters allows us to save you money in the long run.



Each roofing contractor on our team has years of experience. When it comes to roofing installation or repair, we have seen it all and are prepared for every situation. We got the know-how and work with professional equipment.



We pride ourselves on friendly, professional, and reliable communication. We will lead you peacefully through the process of roofing installation or repairs.



Roofing repair can be expensive. When unforeseen damage such as a fallen tree occurs it can put an unexpected dent in your savings. We do our best to keep our prices low so that you can afford to get the work done.

Our Featured Roofing & General Renovation Projects:

Roof Replacement Cost Chicago

At Edge, we are proud to provide the Chicagoland area with affordable options for roof replacement and roof repairs. Replacing a roof is a huge expense for many homeowners. But how much does a new roof cost? The answer to that question can vary between roofing companies. It can also have a large amount of variety from home to home due to factors such as home size, location, and roofing material. With basic asphalt shingles, roofing prices across the country have ranged from $4,500 to $10,000.

New Edge Improvement: five-star Chicago roofing companies & roofing contractors in Chicago, IL. We make roof replacement fast and affordable!

As previously mentioned, roofing material is a major factor in determining a roof replacement cost. Asphalt shingles are one of the most affordable roofing types. To the contrary, slate roofs can be much more expensive, with $150,000 not being an uncommon price. A roof’s size is also extremely important. Why? A larger roof will require more material be used, and also more time put in by the company’s roofing contractors, than a smaller roof will require.

Most roofing companies will offer free quotes for your home’s roof. It is often prudent to call around to a few different companies to get the best price, and also the best qualified contractors before making a decision.

If you need to obtain high quality roof replacement services and fast execution, use the services of the most reliable and professional roofing companies in Chicago. Our roofings are long-lasting and fair. Together with New Edge Improvement Co. Chicago, IL we’ll make the cost of roof repair affordable, while using only high quality roofing materials.

Service area of New Edge Improvement – Roofing Companies

Our roofing contractors provide roofing services in a wide area

Are you looking for reliable roofing contractors on the outskirts of Chicago? NEW EDGE IMPROVEMENT CO. now has a wider range of services! Our services are available in the suburbs of Chicago. NEW EDGE is one of the best roofing companies and their highest quality roofing services are waiting for your call.

You can find New Edge Roofing Companies in following area

North Chicago suburbs:
Bannockburn, IL; Evanston, IL; Glencoe, IL; Glenview, IL; Green Oaks, IL; Gurnee, IL; Highland Park, IL; Highwood, IL; Kenilworth, IL; Lake Bluff, IL; Lake Forest, IL; Libertyville, IL; Morton Grove, IL; Northbrook, IL; Northfield, IL; Skokie, IL; Wilmette, IL; Winnetka, IL;

Northwest Chicago suburbs:
Arlington Heights, IL; Barrington, IL; Buffalo Grove, IL; Deerfield, IL; Des Plaines, IL; Elgin, IL; Grayslake, IL; Hawtorn Woods, IL; Hoffman Estates, IL; Kildeer, IL; Lake Zurich, IL; Long Grove, IL; Mount Prospect, IL; Mundelein, IL; Niles, IL; Palatine, IL; Park Ridge, IL; Rolling Meadows, IL; Schaumburg, IL; St Charles, IL; Vernon Hills, IL;

West Chicago suburbs:
Addison, IL; Aurora, IL; Berwyn, IL; Bolingbrook, IL; Cicero, IL; Downers Grove, IL; Elmwood Park, IL; Medinah, IL; Naperville, IL; Oak Park, IL; Villa Park, IL; Warrenville, IL; Wayne, IL; West Chicago, IL; Wheaton, IL; Winfield, IL; Woodridge, IL;

South Chicago suburbs:
Burbank, IL; Chicago Heights, IL; Joliet, IL; Oak Forest, IL; Oak Lawn, IL; Orland Park, IL; Palos Hills, IL; Tinley Park, IL; Willow Springs, IL;

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