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Why you need roof inspection?

September 20, 2018

Roof inspections – are they necessary ?

The roof is the first, and most important line of defense for your home. Damage to your roof can allow water to leak through into your attic which can cause damage to items, cause water damage within your ceiling, walls, and floors, and create health problems for your family by causing mold and mildew. So, in many states, especially those that see a higher amount of snow and hail, when buying a home it is usually requisite to have the roof certified from inspection. It is really good thing because thanks to this certificed  you are  sure that everything is ok and you and your family are safe.

What are the reasons for your roof inspection ?

Roofs are often said to be like tires. We only think of them when a problem arises, and we only replace them when we absolutely must. But when it comes to our roofs, we need to ensure that the roof receives the proper maintenance to increase its useful life. Extending roof life starts with regular inspections. But why should roofs be inspected ? Let me show you a couple of reasons why we should inspect roofs at least twice a year:

  1. Weathering and Aging
    All roofs undergo normal weathering and aging, and the effects of those factors are usually visible. As roofs weather and age normally, openings may occur, leading to water infiltration.
  2. Routine Maintenance Damage
    If your roof is not protected properly, damage can occur from tradespeople performing maintenance on air conditioners and other systems.
  3. Leak Assessment
    Leaks after heavy rain are the primary trigger for most inspections. But a leak is only symptomatic of a problem that may have been building for some time.
  4. Needed Improvements
    Regular inspections highlight the need for continual building improvements, many of which affect the roof. For example, the increased presence of electronic equipment, computers, security systems, and video displays has encouraged many owners to install lightning protection on older buildings.
  5. Proper Drainage
    Few characteristics are as important to roof performance as roof slope and drainage. Water standing on a roof increases the likelihood of leaks and moisture infiltration many-fold.